Preparing for winter birdwatching and feeding

Natural history biologists call it birdwatching or birding, but it's simply the observation of birds as a recreational activity.

The Missouri Department of Conservation in Kirksville has an indoor bird watching area that makes it possible for bird watching anytime of the year.

It can be done with the naked eye, through a visual enhancement device like binoculars, or by listening for bird sounds.

With the fall season upon us, natural history biologist Krista Noel says it's important to know what types of feed to put in your backyard feeders.

â??Winter is the perfect time of the year to put out suet which is a high-energy, high-calorie food and the black sunflower seeds are packed with carbohydrates and fat for birds,â?? said Noel. â??Birds will use feeders all year round.â??

Noel told us although it's chilly and could potentially get cold during the fall and winter months, you should still put water out for the birds. She says birds love the water, even during the winter, but just remember to have a heated bird bath, so the water won't freeze.