Preparing your heater for fall/winter

Cooler weather is upon us, which means many of us will be turning on our heaters, if we havenâ??t already. It also means we could be paying more when it comes to our utility bills. Tim Peters from Peters Heating and Air Conditioning stopped by the set of Good Morning Heartland to give us some tips. WATCH VIDEO above to learn more.

Test your system: Be sure to turn on your heat and test the system to ensure it is working properly before you actually need it, this way any repairs can be made before it's too late.

Change the filters once a month for proper air flow and functionality.

Clean the dust and debris off the air registers.

Add a register filter to catch anything the main filter may have missed.

Use a duct cleaning tool, shop vac or hose vacuum attachment to clean out any debris from the ducting.

Have Peters Heating and Cooling come out to do an annual inspection on your air conditioner/heating unit.

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