Preschool clinic helping families with back to school preparation

Seen here is a little girl getting a haircut through the preschool clinic

Back to school is an exciting time but it can also be a stressful time when it comes to preparing your child with all the necessary check-ups and school supplies.

A group of Fairfield High School seniors put on a preschool clinic over the summer that helped families with just that.

As part of the L.E.A.P. Academy at IHCC students must do a service project t over the summer.

This group of students wanted to do something that would have a lot of impact on a lot of people.

This clinic offered various free services to preschool aged children including free haircuts, dental exams and a trip to Wal Mart for new shoes.

â??We just wanted to give some of the families in our community an opportunity to kind of get everything done in one location and just make it a little easier for some families to go back to school,â?? said Joseph Hietpas, FHS Senior.

â??There was a mom taking photos of her daughter with all of her new stuff and she said to our adult sponsor that was helping us how she'd never had her hair cut like that before and both of them just had huge smiles on their faces,â?? said Jordan Whitney, FHS Senior.

â??When they got to go to Wal Mart, they got to pick up whatever shoes they wanted so they had so much fun with that. They were all smiles. All the parents were happy. It was awesome,â?? said Cheyanne Laux, FHS Senior.

The seniors hope that this clinic will continue on even after they graduate.