President signs the Farm Bill

President signs Farm Bill.

President Obama has signed the 2014 Agricultural Act which is also known as the Farm Bill. The large piece of legislature is said to affect more than farmers.

The bill does away with controversial direct cash payments made to farmers under a subsidy system. Farmers will instead receive crop insurance. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that food assistance and nutrition programs will be authorized over half the costs of the bill. Dairy policies and Christmas tree feeds are other programs that will benefit from the five year bill. A University of Missouri Extension Specialist is saying the new bill will definitely affect the Heartland.

â??We have a lot of conservation programs like Conservation Reserve-- in particular and those programs are going to get cut on a slow sliding scale, so they're going to go from 32 million acres of CRP nationwide to 24 million by 2018,â?? said Joe Koenen.

The bill represents hundreds of billions of dollars. It passed through the senate with a vote of 68-32.