Prison X-Ray machines fail to stop contraband

What would government waste look like if it could be x-rayed?

Well picture this, the Federal Bureau of Prisons spent $4 million on dozens of x-ray machines to prevent contraband from being smuggled into jails, which sounds like a good idea, in theory.

Save for the fact, some of the 65 machines sat unused in a warehouse, while others were installed but correctional officers could not operate them because they weren't trained.

The Washington Times, our investigative media partner, took a closer look at what else the inspector general found in a new report.

â??In addition to that, a lot of times they were installed and set-up in full view of inmates. So, even if the guards knew how to use it properly the inmates could see the screen, study the machine, possibly find the weakness,â?? said Phillip Swarts of the Washington Times.

For buying x-ray machines that collected dust, the Bureau of Prisons wins this week's Golden Hammer -- a weekly award that shines the spotlight on government waste and abuse of your tax dollars.

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