Private schools address safety concerns

Public schools have been at the forefront of many school safety debates, but private schools have also made sure certain measures are in place to protect children.

Janie Fouch, the director of Faith Lutheran School in Kirksville, said student safety is a top priority.

â??We now have security cameras on all of our exterior doors,â?? Fouch said.

â??Weâ??ve had several staff meetings, and we will have more with experts from the community who can help us with what we should do; if god-forbid anything would happen like that here,â?? Fouch said.

Fouch said even the playground is covered with security cameras.

The Principal of Kirksvilleâ??s Mary Immaculate School, Sister Anne Ruth Klauser, said four years ago she put a new security camera system in where you have to ring the bell to be let in the school.

She said parents are happy their children are safe.

â??They were just very pleased that we are secure,â?? Klauser said. â??(Parents) just reassured the children that (staff) would help them in any wayâ?¦ (and if they) need help to come right to us.â??

Fouch said she feels safer because the school has more security.

â??Itâ??s really sad that, in this world, itâ??s come to this,â?? Fouch said.

â??But, you have to be realistic, and you have to you know our children are our most precious assets, so we have to make sure that we really keep them safe and guard them (against) any unexpected tragedy that might occur.â??