Project anti-violence education comes to Adair County R-II school

Adair county R-2 held a variety of classes Friday about bullying and how to deal with anger. Barbra Brown from the Girls Scouts of eastern Missouri travels all around the eastern half of Missouri to educate children on the dangers of bullying and how to deal with bullies in the classroom. Students also participated in effective activities to deal with anger like writing down what makes you angry on a piece of paper. Students were then able to walk to the trash can and tear it up and throw it away as a way to release their anger.

"Anger can be dealt with can be released. It doesn't have to stay within. It's part of an overall outreach program called project anti-violence education and there are several components to that of different things that go into different age levels bullying is a key thing throughout the program," said Barbara Brown pathway specialist for the Girl Scouts of eastern Missouri.

If you would like barbara to come to your school, please call her or send her an email. Her contact information is listed below.


Phone number: 314.308.5559