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      Project helps provide services for needy

      Itâ??s called Project Homeless Connect and it strives to reduce barriers and provide immediate access to services for those in need.

      The Missouri Governor's Committee to End Homelessness selected Kirksville to host the project.

      â??Homelessness is not just people that you see in the park, in the large cities in Kansas City or St. Louis," said Brian Vollenweider, Public Information Administrator. â??Thereâ??s a need in a lot of areas and people are hurting, and they need basic needs, and have necessities that they can used that you may not think about.â??

      The one-day event provided haircuts, free lunch, legal services along with medical and dental services.

      Sarah Halstead, the Project Homeless Connect co-chair said the volunteers are a big help.

      â??There's probably about a dozen organization involved in just the planning, but then we have all the service providers who are donating their time too,â?? said Halstead.

      Volunteers say this is the first year theyâ??ve held the project in the Kirksville and Adair County area and they just wanted to be a part of it to help the community.

      â??We are excited just to get the experience of blood pressure screening and glucose screenings and just to get involved in the Kirksville community," said Josie Collete, a volunteer and Truman student nurse. â??These tools are really powerful and screenings are the biggest part of changing the health of the community.â??

      Organizers say they were fortunate to be in a state that the governor himself is involved in helping those in need. They say without the governor being an advocate, the project wouldn't be where it is today.