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      Proposed Amendment 7 increases Missouri sales tax

      In August 2014, Missouri voters will be asked to decide on a ballot measure which will temporarily raise the sales tax by 3/4 of a cent.

      The Missouri Department of Transportation held a public meeting Thursday giving citizens the opportunity to receive information regarding the proposed amendment.

      Amendment 7 will provide an estimated $5.4 billion in funding for transportation projects over the next 10 years.

      The Northeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission says their goal is to educate the public before Election Day.

      â??Basically Iâ??m just hoping they get a better understanding on the need for the sales tax. we don't intend to be an advocate for or against. we're just trying to get the information out there that funding has decreased and the road needs have not and we've got to find a way to keep our transportation system repaired,â?? says David Davison of NEMORPC.

      The election will be held August 5, 2014.

      The sales tax increase will not be applied to purchases of medicine, groceries and gasoline.

      Most transportation projects in the northeast area of the state will require shoulder work, bridge repair and school crossing safety improvements.

      To view the draft regional priorities list or to comment on the list, click here.