Proposed amendment could make firearms easier to get

A proposed constitutional amendment in Iowa is making it harder for government officials to limit who can get a gun and where they can carry firearms.

The proposal is not sitting well with county attorneys or county sheriffs.

Polk County Attorney John Sarcone said in a recent interview that the bill is â??pro-criminal.â??

KTVO spoke with Wapello County Sheriff Don Kirkendall about the proposals. Sheriff Kirkendall told KTVO that he supports the second amendment, but he wants to make sure that a safe and correct process is in place so guns do not get into the wrong hands.

â??The sheriffs association is kind of neutral on one at this point, but the others we oppose, such as eliminating permits to purchase, things like that,â?? said Sheriff Kirkendall.

The proposed amendment declares the right of individuals to get and carry firearms shall not be denied.

KTVO spoke with Jeff Medina of Centerville and a member of the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

Medina told KTVO that he wants people to become more informed on the issue and not listen to all of the hysteria being reported.

â??Since Iowaâ??s shell-less law was passed last year, there has been a full year, there has been no blood in the street, there has been no bodies piled up. It has all be very civil. There has been no stupidity going on and people are just believing the paranoia,â?? said Medina.

Polk County Attorney John Sarcone says the measure, â??would be a regression to the Wild West and could create major problems, especially in the urban areas.â??

If the measure is put up for a vote, it would likely die in the Democrat controlled Senate.