Proposed bill requires standardized training for stun gun use

Local law enforcement are trainied to use stun guns, and have a policy in place regardarding its use.

Under a bill approved by a legislative subcommittee on Monday, Iowa law enforcement officers would be required to complete standardized training before being allowed to carry a stun gun.

The state currently doesn't have standardized training for stun guns. The bill would order officials to establish rules for using the devices and to design a safety course that addresses when it's appropriate to use stun guns. Officers would need to complete training before using the weapons.

The Wapello County Sheriff Officeâ??s Chief Deputy Don Phillips says with a policy and procedure in place, this type of law would keep everyone on the same page.

â??I think for me to say there's misuse, obviously there's misuse, and that's why we're stepping into the state stepping in and doing something, so from what I've heard, there's been some misuse of the tazers, so I think it's good we get a standardized training," Phillips said.

Agencies now rely on manufacturers for limited training. The Senate Judiciary Committee was expected to take up the proposal on Tuesday.