Proposed ordinance places hefty fine on underage drinking

The City of Fairfield will take one extra step to stop underage drinking.

At next Monday's city council meeting, the Fairfield Public Safety and Transportation Committee is asking the council to pass a Social Host Ordinance, which would require adults who have knowledge of underage drinkers on their property to pay a hefty fine.

While the the Jefferson County Alcohol Consumption Task Force and the police department are already working to stop underage binge drinking in the community, City Councilman Michael Halley says putting a Social Host Ordinance into place would further discourage alcohol from getting into the wrong hands.

â??It's already been passed on the county level, so it is law in the entire county including the City of Fairfield,â?? Halley said. â??The idea is if the city passes it, it's to show solidarity and support for this, and basically makes it basically a deterrent.â??

If the ordinance is passed, Fairfield law enforcement officers would be able to levy a $750 fine for a first offense and a $1,000 fine for the second offense.