Prosecution presents opening argument as victim takes stand in Turner trial

The trial of Ken Turner continued at the Keokuk County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon as the prosecution gave its opening argument and the victim took the stand.

During its opening argument, the state conveyed the victim as a troubled teen who slipped through the cracks into the waiting hands of Turner.

The defense then declined its opportunity for an opening argument on Tuesday.

The 17-year-old boy gave a detailed testimony about his time with Turner.

He claimed he met Turner at a fall festival in Milton, Iowa and moved in with him days later because he had nowhere else to go after being kicked out of his grandma's house.

The boy stated that Turner claimed he used to be a doctor and would perform body checks on him. He said Turner would then order him to strip naked and lay on his back as Turner touched him inappropriately--sometimes with gloves other times without them.

He also said Turner required him to sleep naked.

According to the boy, Turner would also whip him with a leather belt 15 to 25 times each time he misbehaved.

He also said that Turner told him he wanted to be a father figure in his life.

This went as far as Turner seeking legal guardianship over the boy and telling friends he was his new son.

The victim will continue his testimony when court resumes Wednesday morning.