Prosecution rests its case in third Techel trial

The state wrapped up its case against Seth Techel Friday afternoon in Davenport.

Prosser tried to keep it simple for jurors during his three and half day case.

Unlike jurors in the first two trials, this Scott County panel saw a streamlined presentation.

He has tried to show the jury that only Seth Techel had motive and opportunity to kill a pregnant Lisa Techel in May of 2012.

According to the state, the motive was Techel's desire to get out of his marriage and be with his would-be mistress Rachel McFarland.

The state also proved the gun used in the murder was already in the house by calling firearms expert Vic Murillo to the stand Friday afternoon.

Murillo was shown the 12-gauge shotgun left at the Techel residence by Techelâ??s former roommate Lucas Howell.

He told jurors that there was no doubt it was the weapon that killed Lisa Techel.

Prosecutors also spent Friday afternoon focusing on forensic evidence as Julie Goodin, from the Iowa Medical Examinerâ??s Office, testified about her autopsy on Lisa Techel.

Later, DCI DNA expert Sabrina Seehafer took the stand and testified to the paternity of Lisa Techel's unborn child.

"My testing couldn't eliminate or exclude Seth Techel from the paternity of the fetus. This testing would exclude 99.99 percent of randomly chosen men. Seth Techel is the father of the fetus,â?? said Seehafer.

That may become particularly relevant when the defense begins presenting its case next week.

The defense may offer evidence that Lisa Techel was engaged in an extra marital affair.

A pre-trial motion filed by the defense suggests that at one point there might possibly have been some doubt as to the paternity of the child.

All of that is speculative, of course, until the defense actually offers jurors evidence of such an affair.

The state rested its case around 3:15 Friday afternoon and the court will be in recess until Monday morning when the defense takes over.

The defense case is expected to last less than week.