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      Protect your plants or pay the price; frost approaching

      The confused weather pattern continues to surprise most residents in the Heartland and Mother Nature will throw another curveball on the morning of April 13. Frost will likely form on much of the countryside which could cause damage to any vegetation left outside. Your best bet is to cover any valued vegetation with a tarp or blanket. An even better bet is to take plants inside if possible. If the worst case scenario happens in which your plants freeze, you do have a few options, but your precious plant may have to go under the knife.

      "If it's going to be snow and freezing ice you can put plastic over the sheets and that prevents even more. If you do get some frost on your plants, just kind of let them thaw out and see how it goes. You can trim back shrubs and things like that if they look like they're a little freezer burnt or frost. That's the best thing...just keep them covered or bring them in,â?? said Alaina Dennis, Floral Manager at Hy-Vee.

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