Protester walking 400 miles to fight oil pipeline project

Ed Fallon walks with Susan Chapin of Fairfield to protest the Bakken oil pipeline.

One former Iowa lawmaker is walking 400 miles along the length of the proposed Bakken oil pipeline to protest the project and rally support.

Former Iowa St. Rep. Ed Fallon began his 32 day walk on Monday in Keokuk and is heading northwest to Lyon County.

Fallon also walked from Los Angeles to Washington DC last year to raise awareness for climate change.

Fallon is planning on averaging 15 miles per day, and is stopping in towns along the way to speak to groups and listen to residents' concerns about the pipeline.

â??The idea was to connect with people very directly as I walk along, and Iâ??ve been doing that and it's been a good experience. There are a lot of people out there who are also opposed to it,â?? Fallon said.

Residents have joined Fallon on parts of his walk across the state.

Many expressed concerns for potential pipeline oil spills that will cause major environmental damage similar to the Kalamazoo spill in 2010.

To learn more about Fallon's walk across Iowa and to see updates on his trek, click here.

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