Psychic medium visits Hotel Ottumwa

The Hotel Ottumwa has been a staple in Ottumwa since 1917. And some people wonder if it has active spirits living inside the hotel rooms.

On Thursday psychic medium Dani Lin was brought in to tour the hotel and see if she had any spiritual connections.

And hereâ??s what she had to say about one hotel room she went into.

â??I felt dizzy and I felt kind of like I was being pushed back a little bit, not because I was being prevented from coming in but kind of like I just got hit with an energy. And then I walked into the room and didn't feel much there and I walked into the room and it was like not all the way in. It's like right in this area in this room is where I felt like something happened in here and then a male person had staggered at and landed here possibly,â?? said Lin.

Lin said she first realized she had this special talent when she was around 14 but didnâ??t come to terms with it until she hit her 30â??s and went through cancer treatment.

She will be in Ottumwa on April 13 at the Hotel Ottumwa for a special presentation starting at 2 p.m.

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