Public gives opinion on proposed business at busy intersection

Wednesday's Planning and Zoning meeting had a public hearing regarding the reuested rezoning of a property on the corner of Normal and Baltimore Streets in Kirksville.

At Wednesday's Kirksville Planning and Zoning Commission meeting at City Hall, there was a public hearing regarding the requested rezoning of a property on the corner of Normal and Baltimore Streets from two-family residential zoning to a low-density corridor zone for use as a retail business.

The owner wants to use the house for a used furniture business.

Before the meeting there was already opposition about the rezoning from people calling in and sending letters to the Codes and Planning Department and Wednesday in a crowded city council chambers, countless people showed up to voice their concerns.

The owner of the proposed business was also present to ensure the commission and the citizens that if the rezoning was granted he will follow rules and ordinances from the city to run his business.

In the end, the commission voted and approved the rezoning request 4 to 2 with one abstention, with the requirement that all sale items would be inside the business, signs would only be attached to the building, and that the business would meet parking requirements.

The proposal now goes before the city council, where it requires approval of two-thirds of the council members to go into effect.