Public health director explains what to expect this allergy season

Pollen, mulberry, birch and oak will be prevalent this allergy season.

Allergy season is upon us.

While the allergy index is low on this Friday, the Wapello County Health Director says once the atmosphere gets dry again, pollen will become more prevalent. Other major allergens in the springtime are mulberry, birch and oak. Symptoms include red and watery eyes, runny nose and sometimes coughing.

"There are over the counter medications that can help, but if the allergies are real severe where it limits your ability to wok, ability to function throughout the day then those individuals need to go to their medical provider, and there's a possibility that they may actually need more prescription type medication or possibly allergy shots," Lynelle Diers, Wapello County Public Health said.

Spring is the prime time for allergies, but mold and dust trigger allergy attacks in the home year-round. Next is hay season when people start cutting their hay in the summer months. Diers strongly suggests discussing all allergy medications with your pharmacist or medical care provider.