Public Transportation Service Violations

The Ottumwa Transit Authority and 10-15 Transit released a report Thursday detailing violations that government officials found with the department after complaint(s) were filed.

The Iowa Department of Transportation found a total of six violations that were against state and federal regulations. The violations are as followed:

1. Some services provided by the OTA to students of Ottumwa School are not open to the general public and therefore do not comply with regulations applicable to school transportation.

2. Two specific trips in early 2011 provided by 10-15 Transit and OTA were not open to the general public.

3. Service provided to disabled residents of three assisted living facilities were also determined to not be open to the general public.

4. Statistical reports to the Iowa DOT involving these services noted in 1, 2, and 3 above must be revised to reflect the corrective actions.

5. OTA LIFT vans were used to provide bus service to disabled individuals from two assisted living facilities outside of Ottumwa.

6. Signs and signage of several of the vehicles were found to be faded and illegible.

These services were provided to meet the mission of the Transit Department " to deliver quality transportation to the general public. Our staff attempts to comply with State and Federal regulations and guidance every day. We believed that all of our services meet the exact language of the regulations. Including the exceptions within the regulations by applying written guidance provided by the Federal Transit Authority and Iowa Department of Transportation. If it is determined that revisions need to be made to our operations, we will make those changes, even if it means that some services will no longer be available to those we service including children, the elderly and the disabled, said Pam Ward.

The Ottumwa Transit Authority must now act by responding to the violations through a letter and a corrective action plan. The state wants those documents no later than May 19, 2011.

If you use the Ottumwa Transit Authority and/or 10-15 Transit and you are concerned your service will be disrupted due to these findings, contact Ottumwa Transit Authority at 641-683-0695.