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      Public Works Department getting new SUV, dump truck

      There was a fairly short agenda for Mondayâ??s evening's Kirksville City Council meeting.

      The council unanimously approved the purchase of two new vehicles for the Kirksville Public Works Department: a $19,206 2013 Ford Escape and a $42,228 dump truck.

      Lovegreen Ford-Chrysler in Kirksville was the low bidder on both vehicles.

      During the council "Study Session" prior to Monday eveningâ??s meeting, council members gave the ok for city staffers to update the city's Comprehensive Plan, which is done every 10 years.

      One of the main focuses will be condensing the goals outlined in that plan.

      â??If you look at the current plan, the goal section is 50 pages. So it's to streamline it, focus on these goals. Let's get those goals accomplished and then move on to something else," said Kirksville City Manager Mari Macomber.

      Also during the study session, council members were informed that the city's new "local use tax," which went into effect January 1, brought in more than $16,400 in the month of January.

      Those are the most-recent figures available from the Missouri Department of Revenue.