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      Puppies bring joy to local nursing home residents

      Residents at a Heartland nursing home are enjoying their two new permanent house guest. They call them man's best friend and that is just what they are at Loch Haven Nursing Home.

      Loch Haven has two new furry friends, Johnny and Larry. The puppies are learning how to help residents. "If the residents would fall and the dog saw it, or if they walked by a room and saw a resident lying on the floor we would like the dog to bark and then and then they would be rewarded for letting the staff know,â?? said Assistant Administrator Kelsey Hinshaw.

      The residents say the dogs bring them joy. "Well itâ??s just very nice having them around,â?? said Resident Norma Penick.

      Hinshaw said many of the residents enjoy having Larry and Johnny around. "There are a lot of residents that really have taken to the dogs,â?? Hinshaw said. â??Some of them come and meet the dogs as soon as they come in the door in the morning."

      Larry and Johnny are a part of the Puppies for Parole program that is sponsored by the Missouri Department of Corrections.