Putnam County Hospital holds open house

The Putnam County Memorial Hospital held an open house Saturday to celebrate the opening of the new psych unit that will open by then end of the month.

This is a huge accomplishment for the small rural hospital considering it was 2 days from closing for good back in early 2012.

The psych unit already has a waiting list for admittance and will generally serve people with Alzheimerâ??s and other mental disabilities for approximately a 10 day period. The hospital has received state recognition for its turn around and expansion of services.

â??Well I was here last year and it's like night and day. Things have really turned around. Areas that need some upkeep to it have been completely renovated and within a week or two they're going to have a new wing of the hospital open up for some special care which will be needed and it will keep this hospital working in a very positive way,â?? said Nate Walker, 3rd District State Representative.