Queen City firefighters host soup supper fundraiser

The Queen City Fire Department hosted their annual Soup Supper Fundraiser Saturday evening, right after the city's St. Patrick's Day Parade.

The meal included an assortment of pies, soup, cupcakes, cake, home made bread and fasole. T-shirts showing support for the fire department were also for sale.

Queen City Fire Chief Carl Snider hopes the fundraiser will help the department add on to their existing facility.

"We've been looking at adding on to the fire station and we're several dollars short of being able to do that and we hope to be able to put some of this towards that," said Snider.

Snider said the department needs more room because the current facility does not have enough space to house the department's equipment. Also, he said the building doesn't allow for the proper training of firefighters.

"We're just out of space."

Snider said the donations from last year's soup supper helped pay for First Responders classes, radio batteries and the cost of sending four firefighters to Indian Hills' Regional Fire School.

The department currently has 20 volunteer firefighters on staff.