Quick and Easy Backside Toning Exercises

Workout #1: Dimple Creator- Works your butt, outer thighs and obliques. With workout ball, lean hip against ball, arm on top of it and your other hand on hip. Leg out to the side (hip level), raise and lower other leg, keeping it straight. Switch sides

Workout #2: Tush Tightner- Works your butt, thighs and hamstrings. With workout ball, stand in front of the ball and rest one foot on top with your knee bent. Arms over your head, keeping them straight the whole time, bend at the waist toward the ground.

Workout #3: Kick-Butt Toner- Works your butt, abs and hamstrings. With workout ball, put palms on ball, keeping arms straight. Extend leg up as high as possible and hold for 10 Seconds. Switch sides.

Get a great workout by always keeping your tummy, thighs and back tight the entire workout.

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