RAGBRAI organizers say world record attempt was a success

Fairfield RAGBRAI organizers will be sending their T-shirts to Grand Rapids.

When RAGBRAI riders got into Fairfield, a world record attempt had people holding onto a different set of handlebars.

Nearly 2,300 people gathered on the lawn of the Jefferson Courthouse sporting fake mustaches as the city attempted to break the world record for the must false mustaches worn at a public event. Fairfield has had some friendly competition with a group out of Grand Rapids, Michigan who currently owns the title with 1,534 participants. Although the record is not 100 percent official, organizers Terry Baker and Dennis Lopp are certain they beat the record in Grand Rapids.

"Your official count is going to be 2,268 people,â?? Baker said. â??We're going to be submitting those numbers to Guinness this week, so hopefully within a short amount of time we will have an official designation from them. We did get an official designation today from another organization that keeps track of world records and they say, yes you've accomplished this world record.â??

Baker and Lopp say they'll be sending the group out of Michigan RAGBRAI shirts to enjoy.