Rain barrels are acting as a life saver during this drought season

With the drought conditions not looking to improve anytime soon, Heartland gardeners are finding ways to conserve water when rain does come.

Rain barrels are becoming a popular item used to hold water.

If placed at the end of a home's guttering downspout, it can catch and store rainfall from the roof which on average can shed up to 5,000 gallons of rain water with just one inch of rain.

With the very little rainfall, these rain barrels are definitely a life saver to help water plants and vegetables.

"These light rainfalls are not filling up the barrels. I appreciate any water I can get. But we do need a nice rainfall to fill them up. It takes about two weeks for me to use all the rain in the barrels," said University of Missouri Horticulture Specialist, Jennifer Schutter.

The rain barrels can also help homeowners save money on water bills.

Experts say it's easy, and only takes 20 minutes to assemble.

Here is a link on how to make a rain barrel.