Rain causes flash flooding in Ottumwa

The Des Moines River crested at 13 feet after Tuesday's rain.

Tuesday's rain caused flooding to a certain degree within Ottumwa.

The Des Moines River crested Tuesday around 13 feet, but the major problems came from flash flooding, where so much rain fell in so little time that it caused flooding in streets and backyards.

The good news is, draining helps the water caused by flash flooding recede relatively quickly.

"I think most areas in the community are somewhat back to normal, except for the extremely low-lying areas where that has puddled and of course, along the banks of the Des Moines River, which is now above flood stage," said Tom Rodgers, Ottumwa's Public Information Officer.

Since more rain is in the forecast for the rest of this week, Rodgers urges those who live in low-lying areas to be prepared for more flash flooding.

Several cars were also stalled in the Ottumwa streets Tuesday evening after trying to drive through flooded areas, so if another flash flooding situation arises this week, avoid those areas if at all possible and do not attempt to drive through a street covered in standing water.