Rainbow Trout delivered by the Iowa DNR to Ottumwa

Rainbow Trout have been released into the ponds at Greater Ottumwa Park by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The colder weather was not going to stop a handful of people take advantage of a great opportunity.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources came to Greater Ottumwa Park Friday to stock 1700 Rainbow Trout.

"It enables people to go out and do some trout fishing without having to travel all the way up to northeast Iowa," said Tom Rohde, with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

According to the DNR, the trout brought to Ottumwa are 10 to 12 inches in length, and weigh up to half a pound; and the greatest thing about them is that during this time of the year, they thrive.

"Basically these ponds in the summertime, they get to warm to support trout; and so we have to wait for the fall and this time of year when the water temperature drops down closer to 50 degrees, and then so it can support trout," Rohde said.

Ottumwa is not the only community the DNR stocks trout, it is a statewide program.

There is actually close to 16 different places we stock urban trout fisheries; from Sioux City to Council Bluffs, to Iowa City. We are here in Ottumwa today, and we will be going to Muscatine. So we try to do it all over the state so people have a chance to catch trout statewide," Rohde said.

Parks Director Gene Rathje told KTVO Friday, he believes many people are going to take advantage of the rainbow trout this weekend.