Rancho Centinela owner named in peephole lawsuit

The owner of the Rancho Centinela Mexican Restaurant in Bloomfield has been named in a civil suit.

Juan Garcia is accused by Kylie Nebel, of Drakesville, regarding an incident that happened in the women's restroom at Rancho Centinela in March 2010.

Garcia is accused of invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, loss of parental consortium, which compensates the loss of parental comfort and attention of Nebel's daughter, and negligence in employment and supervision.

The case began

when Nebel took her then two-year-old daughter to the restroom and observed several employees watching her enter the facilities. Once inside, she noticed movement coming from the wall of the restroom.

A peephole the size of an adult pointer finger was discovered, and Nebel took a picture of it with her Blackberry cell phone.

Three employees of Rancho Centinela, Johny Rojas, 28, Jose Caudillo, 31, Eduardo Vazquez, 25, all of Bloomfield,

were arrested in April 2010


A Davis County Clerk of Court said Monday that the criminal charges against the employees were dropped, and Nebel filed the suit against Garcia.

View the court documents here.