Ranger Challenge prepares cadets for real world

18 cadets competed in the challenge Friday morning at Truman State University.

Every year, ROTC programs across the nation execute Ranger Challenge competitions against other schools and that's exactly what happened Friday morning at Truman State University.

18 cadets competed in the challenge and the morning started off with a physical fitness test. The first part included a sit-up competition.

Once they completed that challenge, the cadets went to Stokes Stadium and ran two miles in freezing temps, all while being timed.

Next up was a written exam that tested their knowledge on land navigation.

After the exam, they put on their 35 pound pack and participated in a 6.2 mile march around campus.

The whole purpose of the Ranger Challenge is to create stronger bonds and prepare the cadets for the real world.

â??What I would say that prepares them best is being self-motivated. It's a very big challenge in the Army these days, to be motivated to work and do stuff. We are all training to be leaders in the Army so we all have to be self-motivated because if we're self motivated itâ??s going to rub off on others, and it's going to help others to be more motivated and work hard,â?? said Travis Cain, Truman State University ROTC Cadet.

The Ranger Challenge is usually held at a different location, but due to the partial government shut down, the challenge was held at Truman for the first time in recent years.

Once the results from Fridayâ??s competition are gathered, they will be sent to the headquarters.

If one of the teams places first, they will move on to the next competition which will be held next Friday in Wisconsin.