Read Night promotes learning at home

Reading at home continues the learning that goes on in the classroom.

Tuesday night, Agassiz and Wildwood Elementaries in Ottumwa held an open house Read Night designed to provide parents with information on how to support reading at home.

Parents of kindergarten students learned how to support reading development with their children's teachers modeling activities. First-grade parents learned more about how students learn to read while in the classroom, and teachers gave them examples of how to continue the learning at home.

Reading at home with your kids and encouraging learning is one of the most important efforts a parent can make.

"I think being a good role model first of all, show the kids that you read as well," said Sarah Fischer, Principal at Agassiz Elementary. "Sitting down and reading with your child and involving them in that reading, asking them questions about what you're reading and showing them that reading is important to us in all the things that we do in our life."

Fischer said the kids get excited about Reading Night, as they get to show their parents their classroom and where they spend their day. Plus, every child who came to Reading Night with a parent went home with a free book in hand.