Receive mail that's not yours?

From time to time you may get mail that doesnâ??t belong to you. What exactly should you do with that mail?

The Kirksville Post office says it is as easy as putting it back into your mailbox.

â??If you happen to receive mail that does not belong to you, the best thing you can do is put it back out on the mailbox and put not here or this person doesnâ??t live here anymore. Put a little note on it to let the carrier know that mail does not belong there. Thatâ??s the best way to do it so we can get it to the right person, right mailbox, right destination, in town or out of town. We will get it to that person,â?? said Post Office Customer Service Supervisor Corey King.

If you plan on moving, the post office recommends having your mail forwarded as soon as possible and letting people know of your new address. If you believe your mail is being stolen or tampered with, report it immediately to your local postmaster to file a formal complaint.