Receive weather warnings on your phone

Severe weather will be here before we know it and KTVO wants you to be ready and safe. That is why we are introducing a new service that delivers precision severe storm warnings to your telephone regardless of what kind of phone you have, 24 hours a day. It's called KTVO Weather Call.

Many counties in the KTVO viewing area are several hundred square miles. Dangerous storms are often less than 100 square miles. In the past, severe weather warnings were issued for entire counties creating uncertainty as to exactly where the threat really is.

The national weather service now uses a new and much more precise method to define a warning area called storm-based warnings that reduces the size of a warning area by an average of 75%.

The Weather Call @ Home service combines this new method to determine a warning area with robust emergency telephone notification. Using computerized mapping, KTVO WeatherCall matches the danger area defined by the national weather service with your exact street address. If your address is within the danger area of the weather warning, Chief Meteorologist will deliver the warning message to the phone numbers you register, and also send you an email if you provide one.

The original WeatherCall @ home program began in 2008 and has grown to over a quarter of a million subscribers. Over 5 million warning calls have been made. In 2010, WeatherCall @ Home made over 28,000 tornado warning phone calls after midnight and before 6am when people are typically sound asleep. KTVO WeatherCall @ home monitors your home or business' permanent location. When you register, your home or business will be assigned a latitude/longitude value which is stored in the KTVO WeatherCall computers, along with your telephone numbers and email addresses (if you have them).

The WeatherCall @ home service allows you to register up to 3 telephone numbers and 3 email addresses for each location. You may register land line or cell phone numbers, even if you have an older phone connected to the wall by a cord. You may have the warning sent to a cell phone in the form of a phone message from Chief Meteorologist Teresa Carter, or SMS text messaging. You may also have the warning sent to your email address. Please remember that for WeatherCall @ home, you must provide a physical street address. Our system cannot locate post office boxes, mail stops, or rural routes. Tornado warnings are mandatory, but you may choose to also receive severe thunderstorm phone calls and/or emails, and flash flood warnings via email and SMS text messaging. The cost to subscribe to this potentially life-saving service is only $9.95 per year.

If you have a digital smart phone, you may choose to sign up for WeatherCall mobile instead. WeatherCall mobile uses your smart phone TMs self-reporting capability, and follows your phone as it reports it TMs location to the KTVO Weather Call computers once every minute. If your smart phone is within one mile of a warning area, you will receive a phone call from Chief Meteorologist Teresa Carter, or an SMS text containing the warning information. A simple touch of a button on the phone TMs screen shows you a detailed, local map of your location and the warning area so you can make safe, informed choices to avoid the dangerous area. Like WeatherCall @ home, tornado warnings are mandatory, but you may choose to also receive severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings via email and SMS text messaging. WeatherCall mobile also offers optional lightning notification if strikes occur within six miles of your location as well. All WeatherCall mobile warnings receive an all clear message when the warning is no longer in effect or the lightning-producing storm has moved well out of your area. The cost for National Weather Service warnings or just lightning notification on your mobile phone is $11.95 per year per service. If you purchase them together, the bundled price is $17.95 per year per smart phone.

Regardless of which type is best for you; you can register for KTVO Weather Call on our weather webpage on If you don TMt use a computer or have access to the internet, you can pick up a manual registration for here at the station, or have someone print one for you from our website. Fill out the application including payment options, and mail it into the address on the form. The third option is to call Weather Call customer care messaging center at 1-800-260-6695 to order by phone. Please leave your name, best number to reach you on, and best time of day for them to call. A representative will call you back within 24 hours or less.

Which ever type-Weathercall @ home or WeatherCall mobile is best for you, we hope you will sign up for a service which costs about the same as replacing the batteries in your smoke detector. Weather Call is a service which has a proven track record of saving lives, and we sincerely hope you will sign up and keep you or your family safer during our upcoming severe weather season.

If you ever get a WeatherCall from me, please take it very seriously because you are in the storm TMs danger area. Make sure you know in advance where your best safe shelter is and review this information with your family.