Recovery efforts underway from May 30 storm damage

The cleanup has started in Kirksville after storms battered the city on May 30. Severe weather caused a lot of damage along McPherson Street, with a number of downed trees across the area. Fences were crushed, basketball hoops were smashed and even potted plants and porch swings were damaged.

Residents worked hard all day Friday to clean up the shattered limbs. â??We got up kind of early this morning. My dad and I and started pulling big branches around the house and chopping up whatever we could with a chain saw and just cleaning up around. It's been really wet and muddy and not really what I wanted to do for my weekend, but looks like its going to be this,â?? said Sara Ellis, a storm victim.

One of the
most frightening incidents of damage happened when a home lost a portion of its roof that was hurled approximately 60 feet into a shed. The shed is not a complete loss, but it will cost a fair amount of money for it to be repaired.

Residents across Kirksville have been very diligent in their efforts to clean up the mess and to prevent more damage from water by patching their roofs.