Recycle your old cell phones and earn extra cash

Have a couple of old cell phones taking up space in your junk drawers? Why not recycle them, and earn some extra cash.

U.S. Cellular in Kirksville has a recycle program, and you donâ??t have to be a customer to participate.

You can drop off your old phones during normal business hours.

Recycling your old phones not only helps out the environment by keeping landfills clean of old plastic and batteries, it can also give you some extra cash in your wallet.

â??There are a lot of cell phones out there that arenâ??t currently in use so, itâ??s very important that we protect our environment and we recycle those,â?? said U.S. Cellular Store Manager, Amanda Dunwoody. â??We do recommend that before you turn them in for recycling that you check out our website to view the trade-in program, because your phone can be worth up to $150, and so not only is it good for the environment, but it can be good for your pocket book.â??

The cell phone providers does either one of two things with the phone, they either recycle them or refurbish them and give them to non-profit organizations.

â??If they are recycled then they are taken apart and the metal and plastic parts are recycled,â?? Dunwoody said. â??If they are refurbished, we partner up with our vendor, the 911 Cell Phone Bank, and those old phones are put back in the hands of non-profit organizations like sheriffâ??s departments, shelters and other law enforcement agencies that help protect the publics safety.â??

CLICK HERE to learn more about U.S. Cellularâ??s recycling program.