Recycled electronics drive held all week at Indian Hills

The Goodwill truck will be on campus all week to collect recycled electronics.

Monday marked the first day of Indian Hills' Goodwill drive.

The drive is put on each year by the college's Computer Networking Club. All week long, a Goodwill trailer will be set up in the east parking lot of the Advanced Technology Building on the main campus. The students will be on hand to accept old electronics to donate to Goodwill.

The drive is a win-win, as not only will Goodwill get the donations, but those donating can get rid of hard-to-recycle items like computer monitors and keyboards.

"You can't recycling some of these and a lot of these things, if people take it just to certain places, they won't take it just because it's outdated and some of the parts you can't use," said student Nathan Balk. "But Goodwill will actually take that and they'll dispose of it correctly instead of getting rid of it the wrong way."

Donations will be accepted through Thursday. The trailer will be on campus from 8 a.m. until about 2:30 p.m. each day.