Recycling in Macon County may get a little easier

Atlanta Recycling Trailer

Macon County residents can continue their efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle thanks to a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

This $18,414 grant allows Macon County to extend a county-wide recycling effort that started in 2011.

The county purchased four recycling trailers with the original grant, but this new grant allows the county to do even more.

"The first time we received the grant we were super excited, but now, you know seeing a successful project and being able to continue it is twice as rewarding because you really feel like you're doing something good. Recycling is important, everyone needs to be responsible," said Denise Bennett, Director of Macon County Economic Development.

Current plans include further education and marketing efforts, new recycling totes and bags, and a test program for curb-side recycling in the city of Macon.

Macon County Economic Development hopes this will make recycling more fun and convenient for all residents.

The recycling committee will meet several times over the next few months and kick-off the second phase of the program in 2014.