Register for the Hilliest Flats Ride Ever

Attention all cycling enthusiasts! Coming up this Saturday morning July 6 at 7 am is the Hilliest Flats Ride Ever. The event allows you to choose from 3 different courses a 7, 27, or 52 mile bike ride. There is a 10 dollar fee for participation which includes a pancake breakfast after the ride. All proceeds will be donated to the Forest area Lake Trail system and the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation.

â??These are actually pretty common rides. There are similar rides around the state. There's not actually a lot of rides like this in Missouri, but there are a few. This is the only one that I know of in the Northeast Missouri area. There's some beautiful beautiful country side out there and everyone who rides on those roads just raves about the hills the rolling hills and the pasture and it's just really beautiful,â?? said Rachel Ruhlan Founder of Kirksville Area in Motion

If you have not registered, you still have time. You can show up at 7 am by the Wooden Nickel or you can register online by clicking here.