Relief at the pump; are you paying less for gas?

Could we be seeing some relief at the gas pumps? It looks like it for drivers in Missouri.

The average price for gas in Missouri has fallen in the past week, averaging about $3.74 per gallon for a regular unleaded gas.

Nationwide, drivers are paying about $3.91 per gallon.

In Kirksville, gas seems to be a little cheaper with drivers paying roughly about $3.69 per gallon.

In Macon, gas prices linger around $3.79. And it looks like drivers in Lancaster are getting by with the cheapest price for a gallon of gas, with prices around $ 3.61.

Itâ??s a different story for drivers in Southeast Iowa; they seem to be paying a little bit more to fill up their cars.

For drivers in Ottumwa and Fairfield, the average price for unleaded gas is currently sitting at $3.79. In Bloomfield itâ??s at $3.69 cents.

So are drivers doing anything different since gas prices are so high?

â??Well I try to cut back on driving a little bit. For example, I was working out earlier and parked my vehicle at the gym and walked to get my haircut. Just of the examples of cutting back,â?? said Kirksville resident Jake Roberts.

â??It really hasn't, it probably should because itâ??s costing too much. I just went to Florence, Kansas to visit a daughter down there. We are still doing anything and everything we did before. It hasn't affected me,â?? said another driver in Kirksville.

One driver said their church may cancel one of their two church services on Sunday and combine it with a dinner since some drive more than an hour to get to church.

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