Remembering 9/11

We have been asking our KTVO Facebook fans to share with us their memories of 9/11 and where they were. Thank you to all who have shared. We have gathered some of those memories below.

Amy CarpenterHubbard- On 9/11 I was getting ready for work and my sister--on the phone-and my husband downstairs both said in unison' " A plane just crashed into one of the twin towers." This was the beginning of a life-changing time in the life of our daughter and her family. A member of the National Guard in Buffalo N.Y. she was immediatley on active duty and spen a 9 month tour in Iraq plus Home Guard Duty in New York City. Many were callled to serve and leave their familys after this. God bless those who serve.

Jesse Shoemaker-I remember I will never forget! It was almost break time for me in Germany, the alarms started to sound on post. Funny I almost didnt know how to react. A little lack of training because they cant use the alarms for training. My first thought was an air raid, that made my asshole pucker. I knew I had limited time and was pretty much right outside the housing my wife and I shared. I ran inside and grabbed my C bag (my A and B bag was at my shop, locked in a locker). My wife was in a panic, I told her I would call her the moment I knew something. I gave her a kiss and said "see you when and if" and out the door I went. It was a mile run to the motorpull with a 70# ruck on my back. It was prolly 75 80 degrees out that day but I felt ice cold. The post felt Ice cold to me. It was a sixth sence kinda feeling that I will never forget. For some reason I knew after that day I would never be the same. A lot of people talk about the day when they became a man. That was the day I became a man. The last drop of childhood innocents was squeezed out of my soul that day.

Debbie Harrington Longano-We had a beautiful baby girl that day. I remember it like it was yesterday.We have always felt very fortunate that on such a sad day we were so blessed.We later found out my inusurance company was located in the wtc1. One of things I remember is laying in the hospital and looking out at the sky and seeing nothing but blue sky. There was no tracks from passing planes the sky had a very calm feel. but yet we were expiriencing such trasgedy.Linda Whitworth Davis-I was taking our fourth grade classes to Jefferson City to tour the Capitol. We stopped at the Macon school for a bathroom break for the 2 buses of children. The principal told us about the first attack. We turned on the radio and listened to the continued attacks. We decided to eat our sack lunches in a Moberly park and turned around and went home. Parents were calling the school wanting their kids home and the Capitol was under alert. What a scary day for teachers and students!Diana Newquist Parson-I was teaching a high school journalism class in St. Charles, MO. One student was watching TV to pick up the latest news items for class. He came running over to tell me that a plane had hit the tower. I envisioned a tiny plane, told him that occasionally happened, and to go back to work. I was sorry to hear the news, but had no idea that it was NEWS. Then he came running back with a look of horror on his face and said that another one had hit. That got my attention. My J students all gathered around the TV and we were in shock and crying. Immediately the price of gasoline in St. Charles rose to 5 bucks a gallon and folks were waiting in line, some standing in line with gas buckets. Our school did not let out but stopped to have prayer. I walked around in a daze the rest of the day, and did not attempt to teach my classes from my lesson plans. We just sat and quietly talked during classes and listened to the radio.. It was one of defining occasions of life, much like when Kennedy ws shot. Everyone remembers where he was.Dee Slaughter-I was n conference room at work n Dayton, OH when someone came n to turn on tv since one of few floors with TVs n conference room. Lot of spouses at office worked at big Air Force base nearby & they were on lockdown & high security planes were being scrambled. Total Shock & Sadness. Difficult to take your eyes off tv for days.Kim Bragg Dodson-I was in the breakroom where I was working at the time. While watching events unfold, I remember thinking life as we know it has just changed forever. Jessica White-Green I was in my freshman year of highschool on my way to lunch and a whole bunch of people were in the library watching it on tv :(Ali Longano-2nd hour sophomore Spanish @ Brashear High School--I'd turned 16 three days before it happened. I watched the second tower fall. I can remember being upset that I wasn't old enough to donate blood. My cousin Becca was born that day, too.