Rep. Loebsack talks re-election plans, action in Syria

Rep. Dave Loebsack

Iowa congressman Dave Loebsack toured Ryan Vogel's farm in Hedrick Saturday evening.

The congressman was able to see the grain bins that Vogel installed with the help of a 2013 grant.

KTVO caught up with Rep. Loebsack as he discussed his re-election campaign and the U.S. involvement in Syria.

Rep. Loebsack says his focus is not on his campaign right now, rather everything he can do to boost employment and create jobs in the state.

He's also making an effort to get around to constituents about their concerns.

The Congressman also expressed apprehension with heavy U.S. involvement in Syria.

â??I have a lot of concerns about that. We have to be very, very careful that we don't get so involved in this that we're going to end up doing something like what we did in Iraq or Afghanistan., so as a member of the Armed Services Committee, Iâ??m going to continue to look and see what the administration's doing and evaluate that, but I think we need to be very, very cautious about what we do in Syria,â?? said Loebsack.

Rep. Loebsack says he has expressed his concerns to the president and his administration.