Rep. Sheets to seek re-election

Iowa State Representative Larry Sheets of Moulton has officially filed paperwork to run for re-election.

The republican representative says he's constantly pushing for local government to get the power near the people.

â??In business, the idea is you leave the decision making at the lowest possible level, and then you only have exceptions that you deal with at a higher level and for those that know scripture Jethro gave that statement advice to Moses about 2,800 years ago. It's a good principal. Basically what that means is we need to get the state out of the county and we need to get the federal government out of the state's business, and so I work on that,â?? said Sheets.

Sheets says he's also concerned about job opportunities and economic growth in southeast Iowa.

As a former school board member, he's worried about student transportation costs for rural schools.

Sheets is currently working on a Sunset Clause for rural improvement zones.