Reports of unusual vehicle prompt police advisory

Photo taken Thursday morning in Chillicothe, Mo.

We have had several Facebook posts on the KTVO wall regarding reports of a strange vehicle in the Chillicothe, Mo. area on Wednesday. Reports of that vehicle prompted several comments on the Facebook page of the Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune.

We have also had unconfirmed reports that the vehicle was spotted in the Milan, Mo. area on Thursday.

A press release from the Livingston County Sheriff's Office was issued on Thursday regarding the unusual vehicle and the individual driving it. Below is that release.


Information about personal safety/security.

We have received several calls about an individual now in Chillicothe with an unusual looking vehicle and what has been described to us as strange behavior which has prompted this release of information from the LCSO.

Late yesterday a deputy and the sheriff were individually approached by an out of state man that likes to quickly shove cameras and voice recorders in the faces of citizens and law enforcement, in what seemed to be his attempts to provoke local authorities.

The individual claims to be a former CIA Double Agent and has been reported by other citizens to have made trip(s) to area Churches and public buildings while conducting himself in similar fashion. I have received information the man may have attempted to solicit money from people or organizations in and around north Missouri. The subject is reported to have a history of placing these videos and information on the Internet.

This individual has not done anything which warrants a custodial arrest but is also aware that he is not immune from the consequences should any criminal laws be violated. Please note at the time of this writing the individual has only been exercising his Constitutional right of Freedom of Speech.

Area businesses, churches, civic groups and citizens should be mindful of unusual activities and report violations of the law regardless who the violator may be. Area law enforcement officers are here to serve all our citizens so please feel free to call should you have any needs or questions.