Representative Walker talks about veto session

Third District State Representative Nate Walker

Missouri House Bill 253 is still a no-go.

During the first regular session of the 97th Missouri General Assembly, the legislature had a chance to override Governor Nixonâ??s veto of the bill. Nixon said the bill would have forced dramatic cuts to education, raise taxes on prescription drugs, serious risks to Missouriâ??s fiscal health and the state's long standing AAA credit rating.

Third District State Representative Nate Walker said he did not support the override of House Bill 253.

â??I listened to various people in the community and after reading the bill several times I felt that this bill was not good for rural Missouri and particularly not good for my third district,â?? Walker said. â??I had input from all four counties and I had almost a unanimous consent that this was a bad bill and we need to look at a different bill if we wanted tax reform; and so I didn't support it.â??

Representative Walker said he's working with a group of rural legislators toward a new tax reform bill.