Representatives talk about the state of the district

State of the District Address

Friday was the annual State of the District Address.

At 8 a.m. Friday morning the Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee hosted the event at the Adair County Annex Building.

Missouri State Representative Craig Redmon, Missouri State Representative Nate Walker and State Senator Brian Munzlinger were in attendance and all gave a report on the current legislative session.

State Rep. Craig Redmon said his district is in good shape and he has helped create an environment that is business friendly.

He also talked about the Right to Farm resolution that was passed.

He said it puts in writing that Missourians have the right to continue to farm as they have in years gone by with the same general practices.

â??We take our jobs very serious as we have for hundreds of years about how we raise our products how we distribute our products and how we tend for the land and stuff,â?? Redmon said. â??We don't put any practices in there that are harmful to people who eat our produce. We just felt like it was a way to protect ourselves from outside entities who are going to come in our state and try to dictate to us how we do our jobs. We felt like that was an important thing for us to do.â??

State Representative Nate Walker talked about how higher education is his first priority and how he has still not made a firm conclusion on Medicaid Expansion yet

State Senator Brian Munzlinger said he has never seen the Senate work as hard as they have this year.

Munzlinger said he has passed eight bills already this year.

â??Well, I think really my career tech education bill is the most important because itâ??s going to help set direction for the future of our career tech, which is going to help our local industry, because those career tech centers would be providing the training that our local industries need,â?? Munzlinger said.