Republicans and Democrats making the final push for votes

Wapello County Democrats and Republicans were busier than ever on Tuesday as they were walking door to door and calling residents to make sure they get out and vote.

Both parties reiterated that it is our responsibility and duty to exercise our right to vote.

â??There is nothing that is being released yet so we don't know how voting is going to and really to me that's very appropriate so that people aren't influenced by what's happening in another state. We want to be certain that people are doing whatâ??s right for Iowa,â?? said Miriam Kenning, Obama Supporter.

â??Todayâ??s the day. Todayâ??s the day they get to vote. It is such an exciting time and donâ??t let it go because tomorrow you won't be able to change it. Be part of history, of whatâ??s great about this country and go out and vote,â?? said Trudy Caviness, Wapello County Republicans.

And campaigning has not stopped for candidates for Iowa House District 81.

â??We're out and about. We're waving signs -- took a John Deere tractor and had it all dressed up in signs and banners. I had it roaming around town so we're just trying to keep the excitement high for the last few hours,â?? said Blake Smith candidate for Iowa House District 81.

â??Going to apartment houses and trying to get out the vote and that's an interesting experience because you never know where the front door is and where to get in. Itâ??s interesting and fun,â?? said St. Rep. Mary Gaskill.

â??Iâ??m an optimist realist at this point. Iâ??m very aware of the registration numbers and stuff so we knew it was going to be an uphill battle but we worked very hard over the past year and I believe harder than our opponent so I feel like we've earned it if nothing else,â?? said Smith.

â??Very confident, thank you,â?? said Gaskill.

The polls in Iowa close at 9 p.m. so there is still time to get out and vote.