Republicans, Democrats make last bid for votes

Election day is Tuesday and at many voting sites across Iowa, lines were out the door by early Monday morning.

One of the hottest topics throughout the presidential campaign has been jobs. Republicans maintain that President Obama has not delivered his promise from 2008 to develop jobs and lower unemployment. However, local Democrats said the president has done a good job dealing with unemployment and will continue to do so in the next four years. The party is nervous about what could happen if Governor Romney takes office.

"I think there'd be even more layoffs in the public sector, which maybe they don't consider those real jobs, but I know the people working in them certainly do and perform valuable functions for society," said Steve Siegel, of the Wapello County Board of Supervisors. "So you know, I really don't know what'll happen if Romney takes over but like I say, in the public sector we'd see a lot of problems and I haven't really heard a good plan from him and how he would deal with even private sector job growth."

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign has been gaining consistent momentum since the first presidential debate in early October.

Many of the Republican party's campaign events in the area have focused on responding to the attacks and negative outlook on Romney's record during his time as governor. With the election less than 24 hours away, Republicans say they feel they have done a good job sorting out the truth.

"I think the most important point to get is that America is at an inflection point, they have a stark choice to make between someone who has made promises and failed to keep those promises, President Obama has promised to bring down unemployment and sadly, the unemployment rate is going back up at this point, it's almost eight percent, 23 million people across the country are underemployed or unemployed at this time, it's a tragedy," said Kerry Healey, former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts under Romney. "Stand that in contrast to Governor Romney, who kept his promises to the people of Massachusetts and I can assure you that he's going to keep his promises to the people of America if he's elected, he knows how to turn this country around and he will get it back to track for good jobs and the best schools in the world."

Healey told KTVO that the party is very enthusiastic about the state of the campaign going into Tuesday.