Republicans react to election

Area Republicans are disappointed with the outcome of the election trying to figure out what went wrong.

The chair of the Wapello County Republicans Trudy Caviness said there were a lot of young people in Iowa running for office including Republican candidate for Iowa House District 81 Blake Smith who lost to Incumbent Mary Gaskill.

Caviness said she believes the future of Iowa is up to the younger people.

And with President Obama re-elected, she is concerned with how the next four years will be.

â??Obviously Obamacare will go on as it has been passed. I think it is going to hurt a lot of people in health care. We had a friend who' taken their sister to the hospital. They had treated her and then told her don't come back. Well right now there is a fine on hospitals if patients come back too soon,â?? said Caviness.

Caviness said there will be many things that will be like this under President Obama.