Residents can do more to recycle

Do you have an idea on how we should recycle products or how to take waste and make it into something else?

If so, the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (EIERA) wants to know.

The Northeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission and the Solid Waste Management invited the EIERA to their annual meeting Wednesday night.

The speaker for the evening spoke about how the Missouri Market Development Program has financial, technical and other services for recycling.

Anyone can receive money for the purchase of equipment to make recycled products.

There is an application you have to fill out which ask for a business plan, bids for the equipment and some financial information.

If you have an idea for a recycled product, you can contact them.

â??If somebody has an idea and theyâ??re not sure if it's feasible or how to go about it, we will give them help with that,â?? Veronica Herving, office manager and the Market Development Program assistant for the EIERA said.

Click HERE for a link to the EIERA website.